Malibu 12T Treadmill Review

If you want to train like a pro at home, there’s no better treadmill than the Malibu 12T. Being the top-of-the-line treadmill in the Malibu treadmill line-up, the 12T boasts a superior and luxurious feel, whether you enjoy brisk walking or running to your favourite music. The sturdy and smooth deck surface is well-cushioned, giving the feeling of practically walking on air.

This elite cardio machine combines cutting-edge engineering with extras that you would expect in this price range: internet and iPhone/Android connectivity, touch screen, forged steel frame, ortho-grade non-slip cushion surface and a large 3 phase AC motor that produces a whopping 8 HP. The 12T is considered by many critics to be the most durable treadmill currently available on the market.

The 12T is the perfect training partner – it comes ready with air touch suspension which reduces knee joint stress by as much as 70% and is designed to work like a commercial-grade treadmill – given its no-maintenance track and commercial grade motor. The motorized incline gives you 20 incline levels, providing for an angle of as much 20% to help you go really all out during those sprinting sessions.

The Malibu 12T has been made with the serious athlete in mind, although it works just as well for the avid everyday runner. It is the perfect home workout companion for anyone who does not hesitate to dish out extra cash for a top-of-the-line commercial-grade treadmill. All parts carry a 5-year warranty while the motor is 10 years and the frame carries a lifetime warranty.

The 32 inch LCD screen comes ready with Bluetooth functionality and allows you to download workout programs of your choice. Connectivity with Apple and Android phones comes standard, along with iPods and iPads. Pick a Quick Start setting that best suits your training goals according to the user profile pre-entered settings.

Malibu’s 12T luxury treadmill can make for a very nice addition to your home gym. Not only that, you can save your knees from undue stress that’s typically encountered while running outdoors – the suspension gives you more than ample cushioning, giving the feeling of walking on air.

Feature Set, Benefits and Final Verdict

You just cannot go wrong with the Malibu 12T – the ultimate training experience at home. Invite your friends over and see the look on their faces as they see for themselves how easy and convenient it is to enjoy a professional gym-level workout at home, using a treadmill that requires practically no maintenance whatsoever.

Here’s why the Malibu 12T really is in a class of its own:

  • Top quality commercial-level treadmill for home use
  • Near-unlimited user profiles
  • 10-year warranty on the motor; lifetime warranty on steel frame
  • Compatible with smartphones including devices such as iPod and iPad
  • 32 inch touchscreen allows for easy access
  • Quiet but powerful 8 HP motor
  • Surface absorption relieves up to 70% stress on joints
  • Thick and study handrails for safety
  • Easily accessible Emergency Stop button
  • Can withstand user weight of up to 440 lbs


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