Malibu 12 Review

Built with durability, reliability and longevity in mind, the M12 is among Malibu’s flagship heavy-duty treadmills that cater well to the serious marathon runner and everyday runner alike.

Whether you prefer to walk, run or sprint, the ortho-grade, non-slip, 24-inch wide cushion surface can take a serious pounding and still function like new, thanks to the generous 8 HP 3 phase A/C motor. The M12 is currently one of the most durable treadmills on the market and any serious trainer looking to enjoy the same commercial gym-level fitness at home should consider investing in this one-of-a-kind treadmill.

The Malibu M12 features many of the same quality components and express controls as the top-of-the-line 12T model. The difference? The console. The Malibu 12 Treadmill has a standard console as opposed to the 12T which has a touchscreen console with more premium programs such as Netflix for a $1,000 more. This treadmill will absolutely wow the inner treadmill purist in you with its amazing build quality and focus on functionality.

Getting to Know the M12

LED Display

A bright but easy on the eyes LED display gives you accessibility to quick and convenient on-the-fly workout programming, while displaying attributes such as speed, time, incline level, heart rate, distance, calories burned, pace, etc. Choose between pre-programmed workouts such as intervals, hills, fat burn or cardio. However, if you have your own personalized goals, the Quick Start/Manual Mode feature allows you to hop on and just start working out right away.

This highly durable treadmill also features a Countdown Mode that functions according to the target distance, time and calories. Got your favourite music lined up to kick things up a notch? The plug’n’play auxiliary port allows any USB music device to be played either through the built-in premium quality stereo speakers.

The M12 was designed with convenience and ease-of-use for even the most demanding of treadmill purists – quick keys mean you will never have to deal with the hassle of holding buttons down while running, just to adjust parameters. All you have to do is press quick set keys to adjust the incline level or speed.

Motor and Running Surface

What sets the M12 apart from other commercial-grade treadmills for home use is its ortho-grade non-slip cushion surface coupled with an air-touch suspension which reduces impact stress on joints by as much as 70%. This is truly luxury running at its best; in fact, it’s practically like walking on air.

Add to this an 8 HP heavy-duty three-phase A/C motor and you’re looking at a maximum user weight absorption capability of 440 lbs along with an impressive top speed of 15 MPH. Now that really is something; after all, this is a pure heavy-duty machine, an engineering marvel built with a forged steel frame for the best durability and longevity, that can withstand even after the most gruelling workouts.

Final Verdict

No matter what your goals are – training for a marathon, interval training to get more toned, or just a steady run to clear your head – the M12 is one of the best investments you can ever make and the closest feel to a commercial-level gym treadmill.


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The M12 is one of the best investments you can ever make and the closest feel to a commercial-level gym treadmill.