Malibu 6.0 Treadmill Review

In the world of treadmills, it can be quite difficult to choose one that’s right for you, given all the diverse and often overwhelming choices.

However, a premium fold-up treadmill that has exceptional durability is something any health-conscious individual would appreciate, particularly the avid runner.

The Malibu 6.0 fold-up treadmill not only boasts convenience, affordability and durability but also fantastic all around engineering quality, designed to effortlessly support individuals weighing as much as 300 lbs. Its shock absorbing capabilities alone sets it apart from the competition.

This highly durable treadmill is perfect for any home gym, particularly if you are pressed for space or don’t feel like running in the same place for more than a few days. The 79 x 34 x 54 assembly size makes it easy to fold up the treadmill through the EZ-UP Folding System to allow for effortless space conservation.

Standout Features

Running Surface and Shock Absorption

The Malibu 6.0 boasts an air touch suspension which can reduce knee and joint stress by up to 70%. Keep those knees healthy and go all out on your run as you get the feeling of walking and running practically on air.

The ortho-grade non-slip cushion surface means you never slip or lose your footing as you dig those heels deep into the treadmill belt for a satisfying and glute-burning workout. The 59 x 20 running area can easily accommodate relatively taller runners.

Bespoke Frame

Few fold-up treadmills offer a frame that’s as robust and built for long-term durability. Using a California Forged Steel Frame as its base, the Malibu 6.0 delivers longevity in a convenient and practical design that’s built to last decades.

Incline Level

While incline levels of up to 20% have become standard on most home treadmills, the Malibu 6.0 features 18 incline levels, giving you an angle of up to 30 degrees. Walking or running on an incline surface can dramatically boost metabolism, the mount of calories you burn, and VO2 max – maximum lung capacity.

Get those glutes, calves and leg muscles fired up, and enjoy getting fitter and leaner by the day.


The 4 HP motor means you can run without any worries for as long as you like – whether its running and sprinting you prefer in short bursts, HIIT-style, or a steady long-distance run, the motor continues to purr quietly, while running at a maximum speed of 12 MPH.

In addition, the motor will also detect the user’s bodyweight and walking/running speed and adjust power output accordingly. Easily save power when you are looking for a more relaxed and steady-paced workout.

Safety Features

Side-rails come standard in case you lose your balance or if the belt speed proves to be a little too challenging. In addition, an easily reachable Emergency Stop button will slow down the belt gradually before coming to a complete stop.

Final Thoughts

With a peak output of 1500W and operating temperature that stays under 82°F, the Malibu 6.0 is a durable, affordable and practical solution that might even give some of the local gym treadmills a run for their money.


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