Malibu 8.0 Review

A heavy-duty three-phase 5 HP motor, non-slip cushioning surface that reduces knee stress by 70% and a high-quality California forged steel frame – what could even the most avid and demanding runner ask for?

At $4,499, the Malibu 8.0 is considered the midrange workhorse of the Malibu treadmill range. In this price cap, the Malibu 8.0 is easily one of the best buys you can make this year, a truly worthwhile investment that will serve you well over the years. With features like an orthopaedic non-slip belt, shock absorption that significantly reduces knee stress and a motor powerful enough to keep the treadmill working effortlessly even after several hundred miles, this is as good as it gets.

Key Features

The Malibu 8.0 features a powerful three-phase motor that kicks out a maximum of 5 HP. This is more than enough for even the most gruelling HIIT-style workouts and sprints that some of us tend to indulge in. No matter how fast you want to run or how punishing your workout is, this treadmill can accommodate the most conscientious of running performances.

Listen to your favourite portable music as you burn calories away on the ortho-grade belt which provides for a comfortable running surface – in fact, the suspension which is built around a California forged steel frame can reduce knee and joint stress by up to 70%. The one-of-a-kind air touch suspension gives you the feeling of practically walking on air.

Choose between a number of the preset workout programs or make your own as you go along by using the Quick Start option. Program several customized user profiles if you’re pressed for time and just want to kickstart a tried-and-true workout that has proven to be productive.

The heart rate monitoring system allows you to comfortably measure your pulse anytime during the workout – in addition, it will also help you identify the optimal heart rate based on your pace and bodyweight.

The extended side rails provide more than ample protection should you lose your balance at any point, while the 7-inch LCD screen offers the ability to connect a USB-based music device to better fuel your workouts.

If a high-end home treadmill is what you seek, the Malibu 8.0 fits the bill nicely – it has everything a serious runner could possible want. Built aesthetically and designed with durability in mind, even after years of use, the Malibu 8.0 will hardly show any signs of wear and tear. High-quality parts and commercial grade materials coupled with an advanced suspension system that keeps your knee health in check is what most treadmill runners seek, and this particular one will help you fulfil all your fitness goals.

Final Verdict

With a maximum user weight capacity of 396 lbs, a 10-year warranty on the motor and a lifetime warranty on the steel frame, you just cannot go wrong with the Malibu 8.0. Drop a few thousand dollars, and this is an investment that might even put treadmills in today’s commercial gyms to shame.


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The Malibu 8.0 is an investment that might even put midrange treadmills in today’s commercial gyms to shame.