Malibu 520 Review

The Malibu 520 is the ultimate home trainer for those who are looking to buy a highly reliable treadmill at a fraction of the price of a commercial-level treadmill boasting the same feature set.

With a strong base, powerful motor and ample cushioning, this truly is a bargain.

Standout Features


The focus of the treadmill’s console display remains to be high customization, including entertainment features and tracking options. As your workout progresses, you can easily keep a check on attributes such as distance covered, calories burned, heart rate, incline level, pace, target heart rate, etc.

The 7-inch LCD screen displays crisp and clear icons which makes navigation a breeze. Multiple presets allow you to select a workout that is more in-line with your current goals. However, if you’re in the mood to try something new or develop a program as you go, the Quick Start/Manual Mode allows you to do just that – hop on and start working out. The Countdown Mode further adds to the display feature set by allowing you to easily target distance, calories and time.

You’re in luck if you can’t seem to workout without your favorite music – the auxiliary port lets you play music off your smartphone or USB stick – just plug and play, and you’re all set.

Running Surface, Suspension & Motor

The 20-inch wide ortho-grade non-slip belt gives you ample room to walk, jog or run at any pace you prefer. Built around a California forged steel frame, the air touch suspension system is really easy on the knees, reducing joint stress by as much as 70%.

The Malibu 520’s three-phase motor packs plenty of power – with a peak output of 4.5 HP, the belt can go as high as 12 MPH, while accommodating a maximum user weight of 396 lbs.

Best Home Use Treadmill for its Price

The Malibu 520 is a monster of a treadmill, shaming most commercial-level treadmills in the same price range. If you want to get the most out of daily workouts, you’re getting every dollar’s worth with the Malibu 520.

Whether you’re a casual jogger or more of a serious runner with a competitive and athletic mindset, this is a machine that will leave a big grin on your face, given its powerful motor and solid frame, backed up by quality components and a lifetime warranty for the base and motor.

The suspension system alone is reason enough to invest in the Malibu 520. In fact so much so, that the age-old expression which applies to staying in shape would aptly be “less pain, more gain” in this treadmill’s case.

Multiple user profiles, workout presets aplenty – you will rarely run out of options to make your workout unique, fun and challenging each time you hop on. Try the varying degrees of incline to burn extra calories while you match the tempo to your favorite songs.

Final Verdict

An orthopaedic non-slip belt that sits on a shock absorption system designed for maximum comfort, along with a steel forged frame that can take years and years of punishment; this is a treadmill that will serve well for anyone looking to get a high-quality “walk on air” workout at home.


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