Malibu 2421 Review

Malibu’s folding Space-Saver 2421 treadmill is easily one of the best made and most durable home treadmills in the $799 price cap. With features like a non-slip belt for a smooth walking surface and E-Z folding system that allows the lightweight treadmill to be conveniently stored, the Space Saver 2421 will make any walking enthusiast happy.

The A/C motor ensures a consistent workout no matter how briskly you prefer to walk and continues to function like new even after years of use. But that’s not all – the forged steel frame comes with a lifetime warranty while the AirTouch suspension gives you the feeling of walking on air, thanks to its advanced shock absorption system which can reduce knee stress by as much as 70%.

Plug and play capability allows you to simply hook up your phone or play music off a USB device to add a little extra motivation and tempo to those challenging workouts. The Malibu 2421 comes with premium-quality integrated stereo speakers to get you pumped up.

A variety of pre-programmed workouts lets you select a drill you are accustomed to or kick things up a few notches, if you’re looking to challenge yourself in unique ways, raise the incline to a maximum of 11%. The treadmill can easily accommodate a user weight of up to 198 lbs.

Alternatively, the Quick Start option can be used to hop on and just start working out in case you’re pressed for time. No matter what mode you select, the well-lit LCD display keeps a track of the total time and distance covered as well as calories burned.

What Makes the Malibu 2421 Stand Out from Other Models

The Malibu “Space Saver” 2421 has got to be one of the best treadmills around in this price range. One of the standout features is its ability to be easily folded up and stored away in a compact space. You just have to love that – finish your workout, fold it up and save space.

The A/C motor which comes with a lifetime warranty works effortlessly and quietly during those long distance walking bouts and functions just as well if you’re looking to challenge yourself with a heart-thumping run. The ability to challenge yourself through a variety of preset workouts such as cardio, fat burn, hill climb or intervals, is something any home trainer will appreciate.

Some of us simply prefer not to wear any ear buds or headphones while running, particularly those with wires – the 2421’s auxiliary port not only allows for a seamless connection with your phone or USB-device to fuel workouts with your favourite tunes, but also high-quality stereo speakers to keep you in the zone as you near the finish line.

Final Verdict

Simply put, the Malibu Space Saver 2421 is a superb buy in this price range. You will hardly come across other models in a similar price range that come with this level of durability and usability, not to mention the space saving capabilities.


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Malibu’s folding Space-Saver 2421 treadmill is easily one of the best made and most durable home treadmills in the $799 price cap.