California Fitness Malibu 323 Folding Treadmill

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The modern version of the M320 with upgraded consoles, and big brother to the Malibu 220. The Malibu 323 Folding Treadmill, or simply the M323, is everything the Malibu 220 is but better.

The M323 has more functionality and a space saving design with our EZ-Fold Technology.

The ergonomic space saving design of the Malibu 323 folding treadmill with the EZ-Fold Technology allows you to fit this sleek design into your home with ease and elegance.

Light-weight and simple, the M323 Folding Treadmill is the model to keep you consistently moving no matter if you decide to run, walk or jog.

Convenient adjust-ability allows you to easily change the incline or the speed with a touch of the button.

The California Fitness Malibu 323 space-saving treadmill is perfect for any home gym.

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